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Founder & Board President

Angela White spent nearly two decades working in the financial industry before developing GROW Academy. Having worked closely with people from all financial backgrounds and all walks of life, she understands the critical role of financial literacy in cultivating well-being, freedom and personal empowerment.

Angela believes that challenges in our lives can provide us with tremendous insight, creativity and motivation, and the genesis of GROW Academy is inextricably linked to such challenges. Unable to complete high school, Angela entered the workforce at a young age and was fortunate to find an entry-level job in the banking industry. Like many people, she worked several minimum wage jobs to make ends meet and came to understand the heavy burden of financial hardship. Little by little, she used knowledge gleaned from her work with clients in collections, banking and financial planning to forge a path towards financial freedom. These experiences ultimately planted the seeds for GROW Academy.

Since returning to college as a non-traditional student, Angela has partnered with educators and experienced financial professionals to bring comprehensive financial education to underserved individuals through GROW Academy. She currently serves as Board President and is pursuing a degree in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Psychological Science at the University of Arizona. Angela has also been a yoga teacher for over a decade, and she loves helping people develop well-being through mindfulness-based practices.

Angela White: Our Team
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